Buying a piling rig, whether brand new or second hand is a big step involving a lot of forethought, even for the most experienced piling contractors. So we have decided to put together a list of factors meant to aid the decision making process:

Piling Techniques

We recommend to firstly consider the piling method. The most used drilling technology by far is Bored Piles. It is also known as Kelly Bar Drilling or Large Diameter Piling. However, other piling methods are becoming more popular like Continuous Flight Auger (CFA), cased CFA, Low Head Room, Soil Mixing etc.

Here is where our IMT piling rigs are a no-brainer. All IMT machines are multifunctional piling rigs. They are built to convert to all major special applications kits like CFADWGCrowd WinchHammers and Vibro flotation. This advantage can make a world of difference for your company.

Budgeting When Buying a Piling Rig

Secondly, we recommend setting a clear budget from the start. Budgeting is paramount, as piling equipment is very expensive. At the same time, purchasing a cheaper machine sacrificing quality can hurt your company more on the long run. Unexpected malfunctions that cannot be dealt with timely for lack of local service can make or break a company. Here is where purchasing a quality rig pays off.

Foreseeable Piling Projects

Ideally, the piling rig you are buying is for a project you have secured already. However, many times it is very hard to predict what projects might appear and their magnitude. Many piling contractors secure jobs and they realise they need to purchase drilling rigs as soon as possible. At this stage, buying a piling rig can become a very expensive exercise.

All drilling rigs are manufactured overseas, mainly in Europe, and the average shipping time can take up to three months.  Hence the reason why us, at TerraQuip, always have IMT piling rigs and spare parts in stock for the Australian market.

After Sales Support for your Piling Rig

To buy a piling rig that has good local support is paramount in our industry, as mentioned above. Every piling contractor knows there is nothing worse than a broken down machine waiting on a job site for someone skilled to repair it. We, at TerraQuip, offer full after sales support to all clients, throughout Australia. Also, being a mostly hydraulic drilling rig, IMT piling rigs can be serviced by a greater range of technicians than other brands.


Shipping, transport and commissioning are usually charged separately by many suppliers. Ensure you negotiate with your supplier the full shipping, custom clearance, commissioning and even operator training beforehand.

We offer all these services as a standard, so all TerraQuip clients don’t have to worry about unexpected extra costs.

Regular Servicing of your Piling Rig

Maintenance costs for a piling rig can be very high. However, regular servicing ensures that your piling rig will function at its full capabilities for longer and with no downtime. Ask your supplier for a list of pricing for the 250, 500, 750 and 1000 hours scheduled service. As well as a list of indicative pricing for the regular components such as seals, bearings, valves, solenoids etc. Doing so, we will be able to approximate from the beginning what your costs will be in the future.

We make available a large and comprehensive list of costs expected to occur in the first 12, 24 and 36 months.

Full Piling Rig Setup

Ensure you consider the full cost of  all extras and accessory equipment according to the purpose (project) you have lined up. Many people find out the actual cost of their piling equipment only after purchasing a piling rig. Drilling tools, pumps, compressors, hoses, and many others are all extras and need to be purchased separately. If you are new to the industry, ask your supplier for guidance and help in deciding what is required to successfully perform drilling jobs with your new rig. TerraQuip has the knowledge and willingness to assist our clients from the decision-making process up until the final stages of a project.

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