IMT A215 drilling rig is a 60 ton class rig for Bored Pile, CFA, as well as a wide range of other Piling and Foundation methods.

Continuous flight auger (CFA) technology in Piling is used in soft, collapsible materials and one of the most versatile types of piling – be it private or public sector, small or large project.

The IMT A215 in special Combined Line Pull Configuration

The IMT A215 uses a special CFA configuration called Combined Line Pull. That is to say the Combined Line Pull has both the Main and the Crowd winch pulling at the same time. Also, the winches are perfectly synchronised to pull at exactly the same speed. As a result, the slack rope effect is minimised, while maximising the pull back capacity.

As a result the total pulling force is 550 kN or 55 ton, while the pulling speed is 30 m per minute.

Above all, the A215 has a maximum capacity to drill and pile up to 22 m depth and a maximum diameter of 1050 mm in Continuous Flight Auger (CFA). Hence, the IMT A215 makes one of the best performing Piling and Drilling Rigs in the Piling Industry.

First CFA conversion of a IMT machine in Australia

TerraQuip Drilling Equipment recently performed the first conversion from Bored Pile Version to Continuous flight Auger (CFA) Technology on the IMT A215 in Australia.

Subsequently, this week we had the chance to test the IMT A215 CFA Piling Rig in Marine silty clay. Whilst this material is not particularly hard to drill, it can be very sticky. Therefore, this results in a difficult auger extraction, due to the suction force created by the auger.


Although in the video below the operator is pulling the auger without rotating it, the IMT A215 Piling rig is capable of lifting it without reaching more than 85% capacity.

Alorra Group is proudly the first company in Australia own the IMT A215 in Continuous Flight Auger special version. TerraQuip Drilling Equipment would like to thank Alorra Group for their vote of confidence and for their continuous support.

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