IMT A140 is a 39 ton class piling rig for Low Headroom (LHR), Bored Pile, CFA, as well as a wide range of other piling and foundation methods.

The Low Headroom Piling technology is used when the drilling operator is required to drill large diameter piles in restricted access job sites. IMT International is one of the first manufacturers to ever build a Low Headroom Piling and Drilling rig.

IMT A140 with Special Segmental Mast for Easy Conversion

IMT A140 has a special mast configuration, called segmental mast. This comprises multiple sections of the mast connected together using special high strength bolts. As a result, sections of the mast can be added or removed. Therefore, it ads flexibility in order to allow operators complete versatility depending on height clearance on site.

Moreover, the conversion time from standard mast to low head room piling rig mast is significantly minimised. For instance the IMT A140 requires two people under five hours for a full conversion to Low Headroom bored pile version. 

As a result, the IMT A140 can be configured for a minimum head room of:
7.9 m using the LHR specially designed cathead;
8.7 m using the standard cathead;
9.4 m using the upper mast extension;
15.7 m standard Bored Pile version mast.

Above all, IMT A140 has a maximum capacity to drill and pile up to 20 m depth and a maximum diameter of 2500 mm (under the mast) and 1500 mm (along the mast) in Low Headroom version. Hence, the IMT A140 makes one of the best performing Piling and Drilling Rigs in the Piling Industry.

First LHR conversion of an IMT machine in Australia

IMT International has built hundreds of Low Headroom Drilling and Piling Rigs for other countries.  TerraQuip Drilling Equipment has recently performed the first conversion in Australia, for our reputable client Ezyquip Hire

Following conversion, we had the chance to test the IMT A140 Piling Rig in Low Headroom in silty clays. Whilst this material is not particularly hard to drill, it can be very sticky. This results in a difficult auger extraction, due to the suction force created by the auger. Moreover, the auger discharge can also prove difficult. 


Although in the video below the operator is just getting accustomed with the new configuration of the machine, the IMT A140 LHR Piling rig is capable of easily drilling and discharging the material from the auger in record time. 

We at TerraQuip are proud to help Australian and New Zealand customers improve their drilling efficiency, lower their maintenance costs and completely eliminate the downtime on site with the IMT Drilling and Piling Rigs


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