Back in 2018, TerraQuip has embarked on the journey of bringing the IMT Piling Rigs on the Australian foundation market. From the beginning, we were aware that it will not be an easy feat. Nonetheless, knowing the piling rigs market inside and out, we trusted that IMT Piling Rigs will find their own place.

Our belief in IMT rigs was based on their capabilities, sturdiness and ease of operation, the simplicity of the systems making servicing and maintenance effortless. All we needed to do was to show and convince piling contractors of the advantages of these machines.

IMT – The New Piling Rig Brand on the Australian Foundation Market

As with any new product, the first IMT piling rig was the hardest to sell.  Fortunately, Hardrock Piling is one Australian piling company that was familiar with the brand of IMT rigs.  John Unwin, the director of Hardrock Piling, had travelled overseas in the past to check how these machines drill in extremely hard materials. He was impressed with the performance of the machine in similar to Australian and specifically Melbournian hard grounds.

However, he has not felt compelled to buy an IMT before, solely because the IMT had no representation in Australia. The entry of Terraquip on the market however was a game-changer. With sales, stock, service, support and spare parts readily available, Hardrock Piling’s decision of buying the IMT A140 was a no-brainer.

Since his first IMT A140 machine was delivered, Hardrock Piling has tackled quite a few challenging jobs. Meanwhile, the IMT performed in less time than other brands of piling rigs could have ever done it.

John has only positive feedback about his IMT rig, thanks to high production rates, reduced noise and zero downtime. Below is another post from Hardrock Piling, where the performance of the machine stands out. Just check out the amount of 600 mm diameter basalt cores that the IMT A140 has drilled.

Since the first IMT A140 piling rig sold, TerraQuip and IMT have continued building and consolidating their reputation amongst the Australian piling contractors. The popularity and trust in the IMT piling rigs is on the rise, with not only the IMT A140 piling rig, but also the versatile  IMT A215 and IMT A290.

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