TerraQuip Drilling Equipment are proud to announce that the first IMT Piling Rig – A215 has arrived in Australia!

We have asked the experienced operator James O’Reilly to give us his opinion after first time trying the IMT A215 piling rig. Here are the major points he made after operating the IMT A215:

James was impressed by how straight forward and intuitive operating the machine is, even without any* training on IMT equipment.

In this sense, he has noted the absence of a free fall winch button or pedal.  This ensures that pushing down the rotary will engage the main winch to automatically release the rope. Consequently, reaching the bottom of the hole will be detected and the main winch stopped automatically.

The sturdiness and soundness build of the machine was remarked as well. Hence James expressed his confidence in the durability  of machine.

The cabin looks sturdy and comfortable, without being luxurious, but most certainly very functional.

*Please note that we do not recommend that this or any piling rig to be operated without formal training.

Visit our IMT Piling Rigs page  or click here to download the IMT A215 full specifications.

Watch the full video below and do not hesitate to comment or Contact Us if you need more details!