IMT Kelly Bar with the Multi-Lock advantage is produced by IMT International.

IMT is a renowned Italian piling rig manufacturer, as well as the first company to ever build a piling rig. Back in 1957, piling rigs worked very different. One thing that stands out is the way that the material was being excavated from the ground.

Chiefly, instead of today’s telescopic Kelly Bars with drill tools, the spoil removal was excavated by rectangular buckets.  Later in 1973, the founder of IMT piling rigs, Giulio Accorroni, invented the IMT Telescopic Multi-element Kelly Bar. Nevertheless, the IMT Multi-Lock Kellly Bar was soon to become a game changer.

Since then, IMT worked tirelessly to refine and improve the design of the kelly bars. Subsequently, the IMT piling rigs are known for their increased sturdiness, productivity and efficiency.


Advantages of the IMT Multi-Lock Kelly Bar

In short, here are some of the advantages that the IMT Multi-Lock Kelly Bars offer, as opposed to the standard J-lock Kelly bars:

  1. The rotary on the kelly bar can be locked at any point, undoubtly resulting in better flexibility.
  2. It completely eliminates the “friction drilling”. As have been noted, friction drilling is the time that the rotary is sliding down the kelly bar canister without being locked. Therefore, production is increased.
  3. Ability to transfer the entire constant crowd force to the drilling tool, hence maximizing efficiency.
  4. Obviously, multiple locks will significantly improve the life of the whole kelly bar. As a result, the even distribution of forces and momentum ensure the IMT kelly bar durability and reliability.
  5. Steel strength. IMT Kelly Bars are made of special type steel with strengths graded at 1000 MPa.
  6. Canister thickness. IMT uses a thickness of 12.5 mm for the outer element, instead of 10 mm, therefore making it more resilient in time.
  7. Canister length. IMT manufactures their kelly bars using three tiles of 1 metre each, for the purpose of strengthening and increasing the durability of the tube. 
  8. Lock material made of Hardox 500.  Hardox 500 is a special material known for its superior properties. Specifically,  it assures a longer time span of the lock, before maintenance is required.

TerraQuip Drilling Equipment is the exclusive Dealer of IMT Piling Rigs, manufacturer of patented IMT Multi-Lock Kelly Bars in Australia and New Zealand. For more information, contact us now.

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